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Get ready for Valentine's Day with these love-based reads.

Grab some bingo boards on the Upper School Library bulletin board to participate in our 7 Types of Love Reading Challenge.

If you complete four of the Love Bingos pick up this bingo board near the library desk to win one big prize.

Check out the rules above.

Eros is the romantic, passionate, dare we say, spicy love. Eros is the love you most commonly feel in a romantic partnership. Check out some books that depict Eros love.

Ludus is playful puppy love. This is the type of cutesy love that makes Teen Romance Novels so irresistible.

Check out books that depict ludus.

Pragma is long-lasting love. While Ludus is associated with play and Eros with romance and passion, Pragma is the closest to true love that western society often aspires to.

Check out books that depict pragma.

Mania is when you're obsessively in love with someone. This love may not be long-lasting and often exists regardless of whether the feelings are returned by the object of your affection.

Check out books that depict mania.


Philautia is about self-love. This is the love that keeps you steady and healthy. It's all about learning to love who you are.

Check out books that depict philautia.

Philia is brotherly love or friendship love. This is the love that comes with feeling a close kinship with another.

Check out books that depict Philia.

Storge is the sort of love you feel for a parent or a child. It's familial.

Check out books that depict Storge.

Come to the library after school to craft and build puzzles.

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Get prizes when you read about love.