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NoodleTools 101

NoodleTools is a helpful resource you can use to take notes, organize your research, and cite the sources you used.

Quick Cite


NoodleTools is a research management platform that provides integrated online tools for citation, note-taking, outlining and collaborative research and writing.

Getting Started


Sign in to NoodleTools with the link below:



Select   & sign in with your BC GOOGLE account:


Create a    ‚Äč(top right)

  1. Enter your Project title
  2. Select Citation style MLA (MLA Handbook, 9th ed.)
  3. Select Citation level Junior





Open your project & select   (top right)


1.  Select the option that describes how you accessed the source you are citing


2. Select what kind of source you are citing

         Website example: Select Website > Web Page (Junior Citation level)


3. Select (upper right) to go to the citation form & fill it out:

  • URL
  • Date of Publication
  • Date of Access (today)
  • Contributor > Author (if available)
  • Webpage or Article title
  • *Name of  website (required)
  • Publisher of the site




    On My Projects page, hover over the Sharing column of your research project and click on the + sign

  • Start typing the name of your teacher's inbox and select it when it appears
  • Click to save your selection:





Select the printer icon on the top bar > Print/Export to Google Docs


1. Go to Settings on your iPad

  • select Safari
  • turn off 'Block Pop-ups

2. In NoodleTools - Go to the Sources tab in your project

  • In the Print/Export menu select 'Export to Google Docs'
  • You will get this message: "This site is attempting to open a pop-up window."
  • Select 'Allow'

Ethical Researcher


Citation & Ethical Use

Citation: A (Very) Brief Introduction

What is a citation? And why do we do it? This video (1:54) from NC State University Libraries explains citations, citation styles, and how they are used in academic writing.

“Citation: A (Very) Brief Introduction” by NCSU Libraries is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0