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About BC Libraries

About Our Libraries

The Berkeley Carroll School is a K-12 Independent School located in Park Slope, Brooklyn with four libraries dedicated to serving the students and professional community in each division: Lower School (PreK - Grade 1 Library & Grades 2-4 Library), Middle School (Grades 5-8 Library), and Upper School (Grades 9-12 Library).

Principles & Policies

The libraries function as vital resource facilities in the school’s educational program, providing learning environments that are innovative, challenging, and nurturing. The libraries’ instructional programs are an integral part of the curriculum, designed to encourage students to be active, creative, independent learners, who develop a love for reading.

Although each divisional library has developed unique programs, the overarching objectives for all three libraries encompass the following:

  • To provide access to a wide variety of resources in various formats in a supportive environment for teachers and students

  • To stimulate intellectual curiosity

  • To help students develop information literacy skills and enable them to effectively and efficiently locate and use information

  • To encourage students to appreciate a diversity of ideas and to broaden their global awareness

  • To convey to students that their library experience is a foundation for life-long learning