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NoodleTools 101

NoodleTools is a helpful resource you can use to take notes, organize your research, and cite the sources you used.

For Teachers

1. In your teacher account, on the Projects select the Inboxes tab.

2. Select +New project inbox.

3. On the New project inbox screen, in the Inbox name enter a unique name for the inbox. For example: Hartley-Maneri Math Fair 2018

4. If there are other teachers or librarians who need to review and comment on the projects shared with you through this inbox, enter their personal IDs under Additional recipients. They will see the shared projects on their Inboxes screen, just as you do.

Links to display for students: If there are any assignment-related links that you want students who share projects with this inbox to see, enter their description and URL. 


Quick Start Guide for Librarians and Teachers

Video Tutorials

NoodleTools' YouTube Channel features short tutorials on how to use specific features. Below are two videos to demonstrate how teachers can use NoodleTools in the classroom to support research instruction.



Webinar on September 16, 2016 providing ideas to K-12 teachers about specific instruction that can be done using elements of the NoodleTools research platform. Includes public projects that can be copied into your own NoodleTools account to kick-start teaching.