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Theater Tech

Group Design Project

Each Group consists of:
1 Director
1 Costume Designer
1 Set Designer 
1 Lighting Designer
1 Sound Designer

Create a document that is a digital collage or mood board for "This Girl." The images/sounds need to support the concept your group decided on for designing the play. You will need to write a minimum two paragraph, 1 page maximum statement explaining your ideas for the design/direction of "This Girl."

Directors: Your document can take on any and all aspects of design for this "This Girl"  You will need at least 5 images to represent the aesthetic/style for your group's concept.  It can be a story board that shows your ideas for the play in a chronological way.You can also include songs or sound effects. What choices can you make to stage your production of "This Girl" that work with your group's concept? Think about the acting, the look, the sounds of the play and how your concept is going to work within the play.

Set Designer, Lighting Designer and Costume Designer:  You will need at least 5 images for the research in your area of design. The images need to show the main ideas for your overall design. You can also include ideas for specific scenes or characters. It can be a story board that shows the ideas for the play in a chronological way. The images can help show the mood, colors or style for your design. How does your design support the concept for the group? How will your design idea work with the other elements your group discussed?

Sound Designer: For students who are assigned sound designer, you can create a digital document with links to sound effects or music chosen for your group. You will need a minimum of 5 song/sounds for the design concept of "This Girl."  The sound design document will consist of:  1. A pre-show song or sound-scape, 2. A final song or sound-scape for the curtain call (bows at the end of a show).  3. 3 other sound effects or songs that can be used in the show. How can music and sound play a role in telling this story? Are there sound cues that will help any specific scenes? 

Class Dates

4/24/24 - Go over the document you will create for this assignment. Work in class this day will not be on this assignment, we will be working on the Middle School Play.

4/29/24 - Research Day. We will work in class on the research images and sound design portion of this assignment.

5/1/24 - Assignment Due Date. Each group will give a short presentation. Every member of the group will need to speak on their area in the assignment and tell us about your process and choices for the show.