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Cultures of the Caribbean: Enslavement and Freedom


Unit 2 traces the history of enslavement and freedom in the Caribbean. Students will explore the vast implications of the African diaspora in the region, especially the ways in which enslaved people’s resistance to dehumanization shaped political and cultural transformations. You will write a research paper of 5-7 body paragraphs in length that examines an aspect of enslavement and freedom of your choice.

Key Dates

Research Question - Due Feb 15 before class
Formative grade 

Annotated Bibliography, Updated Research Question, Draft Thesis - Due Feb 21 at 3:30PM (extension deadline Feb 28)
Demonstration of learning grade

Outline - Due April 3 at 3:30PM (extension deadline April 10 even though it’s a holiday)
Demonstration of learning grade

Paper - Due May 21 before class (extension deadline May 28)
Demonstration of learning grade