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7 Math Fair 2024 - Work In Progress

Encyclopedias - Middle School

Search for your topic in one or more of the encyclopedias listed below. Use important keywords for the best results.



SEARCH TIP -  Start your search in the Middle level. Move to the High School level as needed. 


SEARCH TIP - Start your search in World Book Student and then search World Book Advanced for more detailed information. 


General Math Websites

GALE eBooks - Find reference articles on your topic



Included in the Gale eBook Collection:

FACTS ON FILE - Science Online database

SEARCH TIP -  This database includes several Math Fair topics. Enter your topic in the search box at the top of the page or go to the Mathematics Topic Page to see what topics are covered.

GALE In Context - Biography database

GALE In Context - Science database

National Geographic

EBSCO Database

ProQuest Database