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5 HUM - Ancient Egypt

Images of the Pyramids

Pyramids in Egypt - Image Courtesy Britannica ImageQuest

The Pyramids of Giza at sunrise. The pyramids are located on the Giza Plateau, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt.

Egypt. Pyramids and Sphinx - Image Courtesy Britannica ImageQuest

Egypt. Pyramids and Sphinx. Colored engraving, 1879.

The Great Sphinx and the Chephren Pyramid, Giza, Cairo, Egypt, Africa — Image Courtesy Britannica ImageQuest

Credit: Nigel Francis / Robert Harding World Imagery / Universal Images Group Rights Managed / For Education Use Only


This image will show you some details about the Great Pyramid at Giza built for King Khufu in c. 2589 BCE. 

Image Courtesy of DK Ancient Egypt (2014)

Valley of the Kings

This image will show you details about the Valley of the Kings and of some of the pharaohs' tombs located there.

Image Courtesy of DK Ancient Egypt (2014)

Animated Video of the Giza Plateau

Tour in 360 Degrees

Egyptian Pyramids