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Modern World History - Research Paper: Reference Databases

The library subscribes to two databases specific to Modern World History; ABC-CLIO and Facts on File. While they cover the same eras, they have different supplemental materials and are organized differently.


Below each link, there is some information about how to navigate the database. 

Password Information

Most of these resources require no logging in when you are on campus. 

To log in to any of these resources off campus, please consult the

password page. 

Please alert Ms. Murphy if you have any issues accessing any resource.

Search tips

  • Remove extraneous words
    • "and" "in" "the" typically are not necessary
  • Check your spelling
  • Use quotation marks wisely
    • place your terms in quotes to find that exact phrasing
    • while this does narrow down your results, you may be eliminating other phrasings
  • Use synonyms
    • if your first results don't seem right, try rephrasing your search


Facts on File / Infobase