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8 HUM: Pre-Colonial Africa & India


Use one historical lens to focus on the successes in Africa & India prior to the influences of European colonization. Your Canva flyer should have one paragraph written by one member of your group, pictures to represent the main ideas in the paragraphs, and a section that lists your resources.

Lens Focus:

Political, Social, Economic, Religion, Military & Technology, Arts/Education

African Kingdoms:

Medieval Ghana, Medieval Mali, Kingdom of Songhai, Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe, Kingdom of Kush, Kingdom of Aksum

Indian Empires

Maurya Empire, Kushan Empire, Gupta Empire, Gurjara-Pratihara Dynasty

Research Tips

Keyword Search

To find relevant information in databases start by using the same keywords and related words to search across databases. In addition, you can revise your search to include important names of organizations and people, issues, places, and specific aspects of your topic.

General Encyclopedias

Search for an overview of your topic



► TIP ⇒ SEARCH keywords "African Kingdoms" in Scholastic Go to find the article: African Kingdoms and Empires which includes sections about Ghana, Mali, Songhai, and Aksum.

⇒SEARCH "Great Zimbabwe" and "Kingdom of Kush" separately to find articles on these two topics.



Recommended Library Databases

Find more specific, in depth information


► Find articles for all research topics in this ABC-CLIO database:




►Find articles for many topics in Gale's Middle School database:

Recommended Websites

Find Images

Why use Britannica Images?