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8 HUM: NYC Policy Paper

Getting Started

You have been hired by the Mayor’s office to research and summarize a systemic issue, how the left and right feel about the issue, and recommend policy changes. You will become an expert in a NYC issue and share your reporting with the Mayor’s office.

Select one of the following major issues to research:

Criminal Justice: ex. Bail reform, Riker’s Island or policing/crime

Sanitation: ex. garbage, rats, etc. 

Mental Illness/Mental Health:

Immigration: ex. We are a shelter city, housing, employment, etc.

Public Transportation: ex. safety, efficiency, etc. 

Affordable Housing: ex.  neighborhood placement, funding, etc.

Healthcare: cost, disparities in care based on race or gender, etc. 

Find Current News

Find Background Information & Opposing Sides of an Issue

Search your topic in an encyclopedia:



Search a database that contains a variety of resources (overviews, news opinions):







Find multiple viewpoints (left, right and center) on the same story: