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MS ELECTIVES: Loop & Listen

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

Listening note: paused at 22.16 minutes in S1 E1: Code Red

Listening note: paused at 06.43 minutes in S1 E2: Code Consequences

Listening note: paused at 11.31 minutes in S1 E3: Gale Island

Listening note: Begin with 'Ask Oliver Pruitt #2'

Listening note: paused at 1.29 minutes in S1 E8: Lost and Found

Listening note: paused at 1.29 minutes in S1 E9: Flight

You're the Expert

Listening note: paused at 25 minutes in Killer Snail episode.

Listening note: finished the Killer Snail episode.

May 21, 2018: 3 episodes - Laughing, Sneezing, and Farting,

The Love Life of Penguins

& Making Decisions (did not get to)

This Podcast Has Fleas

Dial Up

Stuff You Should Know - How Stuff Works

Scientific American

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BC Middle School Podcast The View from 202?