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Educating the Community

Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcement

In pairs or threes, you will work to research and curate a wellness public service announcement for other BC students. We’ve gotten permission to post these PSAs around the school in places where students may encounter them in their daily lives, such as in bathroom stalls, on staircases, or in the cafeteria.

Keeping in mind that middle schoolers will also encounter your PSAs, what information would you like to share with the community? What do they need to know?

Possible Topics

  • Activity recommendations
  • Advice for how to stay physically healthy, rested, and/or mentally at peace
  • Advice for how to fit wellness into a busy life
  • Warnings against scams and other harmful faux-wellness attitudes.

Possible Formats

  • A colorful poster with words and graphics
  • A comic
  • A quiz (lift the flap!)
  • A QR code leading to a web page
  • Cards or leaflets for others to take
  • [surprise us!]