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Book recommendations for young adult readers - Grade 7 and up.

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What is your favorite fiction genre?
Realistic: 55 votes (77.46%)
Historical: 1 votes (1.41%)
Horror: 1 votes (1.41%)
Sports: 1 votes (1.41%)
Action/Adventure: 6 votes (8.45%)
Mystery: 2 votes (2.82%)
Science Fiction: 5 votes (7.04%)
Total Votes: 71

What Is "Young Adult" Literature, Anyhow?

Young Adult books are often considered a genre of their own. However, Young Adult (or YA), should really be considered a proposed age range that encompassses a wide variety of literature. This age range is typically considered to be 12-18, "teenager", "teen", or even "tween". However, this is just a rough approximation- YA books can be read by anyone! YA Lit features teenage protagonists but can span over many genres such as fantasy, realistic, horror, historical, and action. There are even YA graphic novels!

Take a look at this guide and see what we have in our collection. And, as always, ask a librarian for more questions and information!

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