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SCIENCE 6: Water: Overview

Project Overview

Driving Questions:

How can we use our scientific knowledge of water to solve the global water crisis?

How do we get other people to care about this issue?

Water Scarcity

Water stress versus water security

Source: World Water Development Report 4. World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP), March 2012.

Water scarcity

​​Physical water scarcity:

  • inadequate natural resources to supply a regions demand

causes include:

  • climate change, drought, flood
  • pollution
  • increased demand
  • overuse

Economic water scarcity:

  • lack of investment in water
  • poor management of available water resources
  • not enough money to use an adequate source of water
  • lack of infrastructure to provide access to water
    • essential services and systems: water supply, sewers


"Understanding Water Scarcity." Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2019, Accessed 29 Apr. 2019.