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Technology In Practice

Tips For Teaching w/Technology

Zoom Link Expectations 2021-2022

You will be expected to set up ONE Zoom link for all of your classes. This should be the link that is:
  • Posted in the Middle School Faculty Zoom Links 2021-2022 document
  • Posted at the top of your Google Classroom page, in an organized Topic
  • Pasted in all of your calendar events
  • This Zoom link should also have two alternative hosts set up - your department chair, and Emily Neuberger (alternative hosts are different from co-hosts within a meeting, as they can start a meeting in your absence)

Below you can find instructions for:
  1. Creating one recurring Zoom link through the Zoom dashboard (note - this may be different than what you were doing last year!) & adding alternative hosts to your Zoom meeting
  2. Finding your Zoom Link & Meeting ID/Passcode again
  3. Adding a calendar from Veracross to your own Google Calendar. To just add the A/B Week Calendar for middle, use this link (make sure to Click "Add" when the pop-up appears in Google Calendar).
  4. Creating a recurring event (every two weeks) on Google Calendar
  5. Adding a Zoom link to your event manually, and inviting your class to your Google Calendar event

Zoom & Calendar Instructions

It might be helpful to save this information somewhere accessible (like in the Notes app on your Macbook), as you will be pasting this same Zoom meeting information in several different places - including (eventually) all of your Google Calendar class events.
To easily find your recurring Zoom link & Meeting ID/Passcode:
  • Sign into your Zoom account by going to "" & signing in with Google using your BC email address

  • Click on "Meetings" on the left-hand menu

  • Find the meeting you set up (remember, this is your recurring meeting with no fixed time - the meeting title should include your name). Click on the Meeting title.

  •  Click on "Copy Invitation" to find the Zoom link & Meeting ID/Passcode. Copy & paste this information wherever it needs to go!

These steps show you how to add a Calendar from Veracross (including a Calendar of your classes) to your BC Google Calendar. To just add the A/B Week Calendar for middle, use this link (make sure to Click "Add" when the pop-up appears in Google Calendar).
  • Log into Veracross
  • Click on “Subscribe to Calendars” at the top

  • Select "Subscribe Using Google Calendar"

  • Click "Subscribe" next to the Calendars you would like to add

  • Google Calendar should automatically open --> Click "Add" when the pop-up appears

This video shows you how to create an event in Google Calendar that recurs every 2 weeks - helpful our A/B Week schedule!!
Follow these steps to paste your recurring Zoom link into each of your Google Calendar events (remember, this is the same Zoom link you will be using for all of your classes! It is also the one that is in your Google Classroom, and on the Zoom Link Master Document.)

Step 1: Find Your Recurring Zoom Meeting Under the "Meetings" Tab in


Step 2:  Click on "Copy Invitation" to find the Zoom link & Meeting ID/Passcode

Step 3: Go to Your Google Calendar & Open One of Your Class Events

Step 4: Go to the "Add Description" box & paste your Zoom information into this box. Don't forget to Click "Save" on the event once it is pasted in! 

Step 5: Repeat Steps 3 & 4 For All of Your Classes
This video shows you how to COPY a guest list from one Google Calendar event, into another Google Calendar event that has the same students.
This video shows you how to quickly add a guest list to your Google Calendar event from a Google Classroom roster (students will already have to be part of your Google Classroom to do this).