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Creating a YouTube Channel For Your Videos

There are a few reasons why you might want to create a YouTube channel for hosting videos you create:

  1. You can keep your videos stored in one location - rather than having videos saved on your hard drive, Loom, and/or Google Drive, you can have everything on one YouTube channel! You can also back them up other places, but not worrying about knowing where to look for something is always nice.
  2. You can easily share them with your class via the YouTube link - sending larger videos as a file can be unreliable for students with slower Internet, and we've found that Loom can be glitchy on Safari.
  3. YouTube videos play reliably on both iPad & Chromebook.
  4. Storage longevity - as far as we know, YouTube isn't going anywhere! While you may forget to back up videos saved on your computer, or maybe lose access to free accounts elsewhere, we're pretty confident your videos will stay secure once they're up on YouTube.
  5. If you want, you can organize your videos easily into playlists: per class, per grade, per school year, or per unit! Then you can easily refer students to all the videos they need, and they will all be together in one place.
  6. Customizable privacy settings - even though your videos are hosted on Youtube, you can customize the privacy settings so that they are only accessible with the link (not public). Follow the instructions on creating your channel, to learn how to do this. 
How To Create a YouTube Channel For Your Videos: (You can also find the following steps on our Faculty Tech Wiki.)

Click here for instructions on how to organize your videos into playlists.

  • Navigate to
  • Make sure you are logged in with your BC account (Click the icon in the upper right of the screen to log in).
  • Once logged in, select Create Channel from the menu.

  • On the next page, Click "Get Started."

  • Next Click "Select" under 'Use Your Name' to ensure your account has your name. We recommend that you use your actual name (if you set your videos to 'Unlisted' you will not be searchable by your name).

Next you'll be brought to a screen where you can fill in information about your channel. You can fill this part out now or later. When done, scroll to the bottom and Click "Save and Continue" or "Set Up Later".


  • Now you're ready to upload your videos. Click "Upload Video" to upload a video to your channel and follow the steps below.

  • Click "Select File" or drag and drop your video into the window. If you Click "Select File", navigate to the file location on your hard drive and Click "Choose".


  • Once you've chosen your file, you'll be asked to enter some details. Name your movie, and add a description

  • Now, scroll down to indicate that the movie is approved for children. (Click, "Yes, it's made for kids").
  • Then Click "Next."

  • Click "Next" on the following screen for 'Video Elements'. Video elements are not allowed on videos for kids.

  • On the next screen, Select "Unlisted" to set your video's visibility. Then Click "Save." This will make it so that anyone with the link can view your video, but it won't be searchable by the public.


  • The next screen will display a link to your video. Copy and paste it to share. Click "Close" when done.

  • You can always find your video (or all of your videos) again by Clicking "Your Videos" (you must be logged into your Youtube account - see the first step!)

To Create & Save Your Videos To Different Playlists:
  • Go to the "Your Videos screen" (See the step above).
  • Click on the 'three dots' below the video you want to file into a Playlist, and Click "Save to Playlist."
  • Select the Playlist you want the video to go in, or create a new playlist from here.