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Technology In Practice

Tips For Teaching w/Technology

Quizzing & Studying Tools

'Quizzing & Studying' tools refer primarily to flashcard, or live quiz platforms. Rather than thinking of these as assessment tools, these can be used for students to study terms/concepts, or participate in a group activity that would reinforce knowledge.
Tools included in this section:
  • Quizlet: ‚ÄčA studying tool, where teachers can create, and assign their own "Study Sets" (interactive flashcards) with terms & definitions for students to study. 


  • Quizizz: A free quiz, and flashcard creating tool. On Quizizz, teachers can create their own quizzes in multiple formats for any subject, or content area. 


  • Gimkit: A quizzing & studying tool. Teachers can create their own study "Kits" on Gimkit with terms & definitions for students to study. These Kits can then be turned into live quizzes (like Kahoots, with more features for students), or assigned to classes as homework.


  • Kahoot (page in progress): A quizzing & studying tool. Teachers can create their own Kahoots with trivia, terms, or definitions for students to study. These Kahoots can then be played as live quizzes, or assigned asynchronously. Kahoots are a great choice for an in-class activity.