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Technology In Practice

Tips For Teaching w/Technology

Meet Our Tech & Library Team!

  • Middle School Technology Integrator
  • Middle School Equity & Inclusion Coordinator
  • 8th Grade Advisor (2021-2022)
  • 5th & 8th Grade Digital Essentials 
  • FIND ME (usually): At the Knowledge Bar!** (Located in the Middle School Library)

  • Middle School Librarian
  • Director of Libraries and Information Resources
  • 7th Grade Advisor (2021-2022)
  • 7th Grade Digital Essentials teacher
  • FIND ME (usually): In the Middle School Library!

  • Director of Educational Technology
  • 6th Grade Advisor (2021-2022)
  • 6th Grade Digital Essentials teacher
  • Find me (usually): Somewhere in 181 helping both middle & upper school divisions!

We'll Support You In Class!

Do you want help introducing a tech tool to your students?

Aidan, Kris & myself are more than happy to help introduce tech (remote, or IRL) to your class. We can also spend time, or an entire Digital Essentials class period helping your students, or supplementing an existing project in your curriculum!

If it makes sense for one of us to come in more than other (ex: Do you want Kris' database, or Sora expertise? Aidan's website building skills?) We can come into your class even if we don't regularly teach Digital Essentials in that grade. 

Just let us know as a team in advance, & we will work out the logistics.

We are also as excited as you are to help in a more significant way with interdisciplinary projects. Let's collaborate!

Helpful Tech Documents: Links, Policies, Norms & Agreements

Listed below are several links & documents related to student, and faculty tech use at BC.
Please bookmark the ones you think would be most helpful to have on hand for your teaching practice!

Helpful Tech Links:
  • BC Tech Wiki: This wiki provides instructions for anything else tech-related  that you may use, or have questions about such as  WiFi, Zoom, Veracross, 1Password, and more. Check here before emailing Help Desk. This is put together by the entire tech team, and is used by all divisions. 
  • Books & Bytes: This is a (semi-regular!) newsletter Aidan Lucey, Kris Hartley-Maneri, and Manuela Aronofsky send out as a team. It collects middle school tech & library updates, as well as the occasional book rec, app feature, and digital student showcase. You will also receive it via email.
  • BC Student Tech Wiki: The student version of the wiki has helpful tech tips for students, and is primarily used by the upper school.

Policies, Norms & Agreements:
  • Berkeley Carroll Technology and Network Acceptable Use Policy: Guidelines for the whole school (students, and adults) that govern the efficient, ethical, and legal utilization of the tech resources we use.
  • Middle School Student School-Issued Device Agreement: Students will review and be familiar with the norms around their school-issued device, which are listed in this agreement. If you have a question about what is, or isn’t allowed on a school-issued device, check here first. 
  • Remote Learning Norms: Students who have been asked to quarantine, and are Zooming into the classroom should follow the norms listed in this document.
  • Middle School Technology Norms (redacted from the larger Middle School Community Norms document):
    • All students will be familiar with and adhere to the Middle School Student School-Issued Device Agreement.

    • iPads and Chromebooks may only be used for specific class activities and assignments as specified by a teacher. In class, students may only access their iPad/Chromebook with the teacher’s permission. If device use is not requested by the teacher, devices remain closed and put away. 

    • When at school, devices are not used outside of class, while walking in the hallway, waiting for the bus, or on the bus.  School breaks and lunch are device-free times. 

    • iPads and Chromebooks should be fully charged at the beginning of the school day. 

    • If a student encounters a tech issue or problem with a school-issued device, it is the students’ responsibility to tell their advisor during homeroom.

    • Students may not use other personal ios devices (smartphones, laptops, or cell phones) during school unless instructed otherwise or if specific arrangements have been made with school administration.

    • Cell phones and smartwatches are collected each morning and returned to students at the end of the day. 

    • Students who need to reach their families while in the school building may call from the middle school office. 

    • Families who need to reach their child(ren) during the school day should call the school or email Ms. Neuberger who will ensure that message is relayed to the student. 

    • Students are responsible for checking their Berkeley Carroll email and Google Classroom regularly; teachers follow consistent Google Classroom posting protocols to support students’ use of Google Classroom.

    • In the event that a student is accessing school remotely, the remote learning norms specify expectations for the use of Zoom.

Tech & Library Slideshows

This slideshow from the 2021-2022 faculty work week has information about:
  • Collaboration best practices & the importance of advance notice
  • Information about student privacy concerns, videos, and filtering in the middle school
  • How we support faculty and students with their library and tech needs
  • Digital Essentials class
  • Tech & Library resources to bookmark
This slideshow from the 2021-2022 faculty work week has information about:
  • The Tech and Library team
  • How we support faculty and students with their library and tech needs
  • Digital Essentials
  • Videos & Filtering
  • Middle School Technology Norms
Spaces is the portfolio platform we piloted in 5th Grade Humanities during the 2020-2021 school year. For the 2021-2022 school year, we will be expanding the 5th Grade portfolios to include projects from other disciplines. This slideshow provides an overview of the platform, as well as quick tips for teachers (and supporting students in its use).