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Technology In Practice

Tips For Teaching w/Technology

Interactive Lesson Tools

'Interactive Lesson' tools refer to tools that will help you make your lectures more interactive. These platforms will help you make your lessons (videos, lecture slides) more engaging for your students - whether they're being shared synchronously, or asynchronously.
Tools included in this section:
  • EdpuzzleA tool that allows you to add interactive elements to pre-recorded videos. Rather than just assigning a video for your students to watch, you can add questions to the video for your students to answer, or added notes for them to read, or listen to while they're watching. 


  • Pear DeckAn interactive presentation tool that can be used to make any of pre-existing (or new) lecture slides interactive. Ways that students can interact with a Pear Deck presentation include: drawing/sketching a response to a prompt, or question; writing in a reflection, or answer to a proposed question; "voting" on a poll, or question; answering a multiple choice question