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Science Research and Design: BCS Databases

You will find resources to support research for this course listed here.

Password Information

Most of these resources require no logging in when you are on campus. 

To log in to any of these resources off campus, please consult the

password page. 

Please alert Ms. Murphy if you have any issues accessing any resource.

Academic Journal vs. Popular Magazine

Magazine articles are written and published for a general audience. These are great places to find inspiration for your research. 

  • Magazine articles found in Scientific American and Science News that can be accessed through Flipster


Scholarly or academic journal articles are written for scholars or specialists written by experts in the field. These usually come from university research by professors and are reviewed by other experts in the field. While these articles can contain specialized, technical language and are often a bit trickier to access, the peer-review process ensures that their data are reliable. 

Scholarly journal articles will contain detailed information, including:

  • Title
  • List of authors
  • Abstract (a short paragraph summarizing their study and findings)
  • Introduction that includes a hypothesis
  • A detailed description of the scientific methods used
  • Charts, graphs, or other visual representations of the results
  • Discussion and/or conclusion
  • List of references (usually there are many)

Example: A research article from the Public Library of Science


Science Direct


Journal Databases