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Science 7: Citizen Science Satellite Research

Useful Library Links






   Search library databases

 Find passwords to access databases outside of school



Finding the correct link to save for a database article that will take you directly back to that article can be tricky. To make it more complicated, it's different for each database. Copying the URL from the address bar does not always work.

Use these instructions to help you find the permalink for each database article you need to save and return to for your research and citations.

Databases - Best Bets



Subtopic examples:

Pesticides and Fertilizers, Contaminated water, Soil Erosion and Sedimentation, Livestock, Pests and Weeds, Heavy Metals, Organic Contaminants, Land Management, Excess Nutrients.


Subtopic examples:

Many different types - we talked in class about the different classifications of endangerment and how they’ll be limited by what they can see from a satellite.


Subtopic examples:

Chemical Safety, Air pollution, Climate change & natural disasters, Disease caused by microbes, Lack of access to health care, Infrastructure issues, Poor water quality, Global environmental issues


Subtopic examples:

Wildfire, Tornado, Hurricane, Tsunami, Flood, Landslide, Draught, Heat Wave, Thunderstorm, Blizzard, Avalanche, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Asteroid


Subtopic examples: 

Anthropogenic - Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, particulates, Factories-Dust, hydrocarbons and assorted emissions.

Natural - radon, fog and mist, ozone, ash, soot, salt spray, and volcanic and combustion gases.