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Poetry Resources: Spine Cento Poems


This year, the Middle School Library decided to celebrate National Poetry Month by inviting our school community to create their own Book Spine Cento Poems! This project was inspired by librarian Travis Jonker’s “Great 2020 Quarantine Book Spine Poem Challenge.” This form of "found poetry" is called a cento: a composition made up by collecting passages from various works. To participate, students and faculty simply used the titles written along book spines to come up with a poem, arranging the stack of books so that the poem reads top to bottom. Here, we display the submissions! Thank you so much for participating.

Berkeley Carroll Spine Cento Poems

"George dares greatly" by Ms. Luscombe

"Ominous" by Matilda F., Grade 7

"Foundation Chains" by Sammy H., Grade 7

"I had the most challenges getting all the books I needed and combining them with smaller words like and."

"The Way Life Works" by Ms. Goldberg

"I am staying in someone else's home. It was fun to combine the books here with the ones I brought. I discovered new books in this house!"

"What happened at midnight." by Jonah F., Grade 5

"A Five Feet Walk" by Ariel L., Grade 5

"Influence" by Eli R., Grade 5

"What if" by Eli R., Grade 5

"Working Through A Pandemic" by Ms. Manning

"Echoing Lions" by Ariel L., Grade 5

"A World of Cities" by Ms. Goldberg

"I created this one with the quarantine/pandemic in mind "

"Rage" by Wes K., Grade 5

book spine cento poem 2020

"That night" by Jessamyn M., Grade 6

"Stuck" by Ms. Kahn

"The Golden Years" by Mark Z., Grade 6

"Madeline The Real Mother Goose" by Ms. Luscombe

"Spring" by Elijah Dailey

"Thoughts" by Genevieve Eisner

"Stuck" by Sharona Kahn

Inspiration: Great 2020 Quarantine Book Spine Poem Challenge

Credit: School Library Journal

Additional Resources

Spine Cento Poem Flyer