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Berkeley Carroll Middle School Library: For Students

This school library web page is a means through which we support Berkeley Carroll students, faculty, and parents - as well as promote our middle school library!


RESEARCH & READING Guides by Grade

Each of these guides has specific recommendations, and links to research guides specific to that grade level. If you have a question about how to find anything, or would like to see other information included on these research guides - ask a librarian!

Digital Essentials Choice Board!

The Digital Essentials Choice Board is for 5th through 8th graders! Explore fun digital activities when you have free time & are allowed to use your device.

Quick and Helpful Links

Destiny Discover Grades 5-8 - LIBRARY CATALOG 
Search the MS Library or all BC Libraries for digital and print resources - books, ebooks, audiobooks, and more!

Search Library Databases

Find Passwords to access databases outside of school

Don't Snooze on SORA! (And our other eBook Collections)

BC Libraries provide access to thousands of full-text ebooks. Use this guide to help you navigate the wealth of e-book resources BC has to offer. 

Search for Ebooks in Destiny Discover (the library catalog) or in the digital platform that hosts them:

Remember, access login info for our digital resources (at any time) on our Database Passwords Page.

If you need help finding or using any of our eBooks, please reach out to your librarians by email:

For specific reading recommendations - check out our Reading Recommendations page!


OverDrive is a digital library where you can borrow eBooks and audiobooks anytime and anywhere. Many schools and public libraries have OverDrive collections but each is different because every library selects the titles they want for their users. The Sora app was designed specifically for students. It's easy to use and one tap gets you inside a book. You can highlight text and take and export your notes. Your librarian can assign titles directly to you. 

All you need to borrow digital content from BC's OverDrive collection is your BC library card (User ID and Password). 

Library FAQ's - For Students!

How many library books may I check out at any one time?

Students may borrow up to five books at one time. If you have overdue books, please renew them or return them to the library so that they are available for other readers to check out.

How long can I borrow a book for?

Library books may be borrowed for three weeks. You may renew books you are reading, as long as there is no one waiting for it.

If I bring a book back late, is there a fine?

No, we do not charge fines for late books.

What do I do if I can't find a library book I checked out?

Let Ms. Hartley-Maneri know as soon as possible.

I need help with research. What do I do?

Ask your librarians for help!

I need help with my device, or I have another tech question - what do I do?

Ask Ms. Aronofsky at the Knowledge Bar! If it's an emergency and she is not there, Ms. Hartley-Maneri or Ms. Indick can usually help!

Policies & Helpful Documents

Policies, Norms & Agreements:

Read Digital Magazines from our Online Newsstand!


Select any magazine to view in digital format.

To access off-campus, enter the username & password found on the Database Passwords page.



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