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Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

How many library books may I check out at any one time?

Students may borrow up to five books at one time. If you have overdue books, please renew them or return them to the library so that they are available for other readers to check out.

How long can I borrow a book for?

Library books may be borrowed for three weeks. You may renew books you are reading, as long as there is no one waiting for it.

If I bring a book back late, is there a fine?

No, we do not charge fines for late books.

What do I do if I can't find a library book I checked out?

Let Ms. Hartley-Maneri know as soon as possible.

I need help with research. What do I do?

Ask your librarians for help!

Circulation Desk

Phone  I  718-534-6537


Kris Hartley-Maneri
Middle School Librarian
Find me at the Knowledge Bar
(718) 534-6537


Alexandra Manning
Middle School Library Assistant
Find me at the Knowledge Bar

Manuela Aronofsky
Middle School Tech Integrator
Find me at the Knowledge Bar

Happenings In & Around the MS Library

Library Offerings

Our welcoming library bulletin board reminds middle school students & faculty of everything the library has to offer! Library benefits include:

  • An extensive book collection - both print & digital
  • The Knowledge Bar - where the amazing Ms. Aronofsky deals with all tech needs!
  • Research help from librarians (including help with specific projects, as well as help accessing and using our amazing database collection)
  • A great magazine collection! Including physical magazines, and our digital magazine collection on the Flipster app
  • And much, much more...

Reading Ally Book Display

What does it mean to be a Reading Ally? The 6th Graders are finding out right now! As part of the 6th Grade Science curriculum, each student is reading a book (of their choice) featuring a character with a gender identity that is different from straight & cisgender. This display features several of the titles chosen by the students, as well as some non-fiction titles that are available as resources.

Visit our LGBTQIA+ LibGuide for more resources relating to the project!

Reading Ally Bulletin Board

What does it mean to be a Reading Ally? The 6th Graders are finding out right now! As part of the 6th Grade Science curriculum, each student is reading a book (of their choice) featuring a character with a gender identity that is different from straight & cisgender. This bulletin board features our Reading Ally reading lists, and some more info on the project.

Visit our LGBTQIA+ LibGuide for more resources relating to the project!

Mental Health Awareness Month

We're bringing awareness to Mental Health Awareness Month this May by featuring books with characters who live with various mental illnesses (including anxiety, ADHD, and obsessive compulsive disorder). We also have a few nonfiction titles, such as the new non-fiction comic When Anxiety Attacks, and (Don't) Call Me Crazy: 33 Voices Start The Conversation About Mental Health. 

We also have new mindfulness coloring bookmarks on display - free to color either during break, or at home!

Spring Into A New Book

This display shows off several of our new books in the library! We have non-fiction titles like A Faithful Spy: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Plot to Kill Hitler and The Atlas Obscura Explorer's Guide For The World's Most Adventurous Kid. We also have new novels like Run For Your Life - about a kid who is a "runner" for the Mafia in Naples, The Unsung Hero of Birdsong, USA - about a black WWII hero returning to an unfriendly Jim Crow south.

This is a good time to remind everyone that summer checkouts will be starting in June - after everyone turns in their checked-out books first!!

New Young Adult Titles

We got tons of new books in this spring, including several great new YA titles! Featured in front of the elusive BC library unicorn, a few standouts are the new Julie Murphy Ramona Blue (author of Dumplin'), a fresh set of the Neal Shusterman Unwind series, and several short story anthologies - including Unbroken: 13 Stories Featuring Disabled Teens, and How Long 'Til Black Future Month - new stories by science fiction author N.K. Jemisin.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Display

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! We're honoring it in the BC Middle School Library with a display of titles by Asian Pacific American authors - including Gene Luen Yang, Erin Entrada Kelly, Cynthia Kadohata & Grace Lin!

You can find more information about Asian Pacific American Heritage month HERE! 

Destiny Discover Homepage (LIBRARY CATALOG)

NEW eBooks in Sora

What Should I Read Next?

How to Access our eBooks


From your CHROMEBOOK or COMPUTER (without the Sora app)

1. Go to:

If you are using Sora for the first time, follow steps 2-5 listed below.


From your iPad:

1. Open the Sora App (it should look like this): 

2. Go to "Find My School" to access Berkeley Carroll's eBook library

3. If you don't see Berkeley Carroll as an option, go to "My School Isn't Listed" (at the bottom)

4. Start typing "Berkeley Carroll School" in the search bar and it will pop up. When it does, select "This is my school"

5. Log in!

Your USERNAME is the first part of your BC email address (ex. mmctesto2024)

Go to the Passwords page (under Online & Print Library Collections) to find the password for "Sora Overdrive")


**Quick Tips! Search for a book in the Search Bar... When you've found the one you want, click "Borrow," and it will go to Your Shelf!


1. Search for a book in Destiny Discover (our library catalog!) You should have this app installed on your iPad, but if you don't have an iPad, you can find a link to the catalog on each of the grade LibGuides.) 

2. Check to see that the book is "In," and that the record says "Follett eBook."

Tip: The Call Number and Sublocation should also say eBook

2. Go to "Log In"

3. Choose "Sign In With Google"

4. Sign in with your Berkeley Carroll email address and password

5. Press "Checkout" to add the book to your account

Tip: This works just like a regular book checkout. You'll have two weeks to read it on your device and its reserved to you, so remember to return it (following the same steps) if you finish reading it sooner!

**Quick Tip! "Turn" the pages of the book by pressing the arrows on the side


1. Click on the book title link

2. It should take you straight to the book. Click on "View eBook" to open the book!

4. If it prompts you to log in (it should only do this if you're not at school!), go to the Passwords page & enter the password for "Gale"

**Quick Tip! Browse the book faster by clicking through the Table of Contents!

HOW TO FIND THE WHOLE GALE VIRTUAL LIBRARY (If you're not linking from a specific book):

1. Start by going to our BC A-Z Database List HERE (...this can also always be found from our Middle School Library LibGuide page)

2. Navigate to the "G" databases

3. Scroll down to "GALE GVRL Virtual Reference Collection [eBooks]"​

4. If it prompts you to log in (it should only do this if you're not at school!), go to the Passwords page & enter the password for "Gale"

1. Start by going to our BC A-Z Database List HERE (...this can also always be found from our Middle School Library LibGuide)

2. Navigate to the "C" databases, and click on "Capstone Interactive Books"

3. Click "Log In"

4. Go to "Login With Capstone Interactive" and enter the Username & Password (which can be found on our Database Passwords page under "Capstone Interactive EBooks!")

FLIPSTER by EBSCO - BC's Online Newsstand


Select any magazine to view in digital format.

To access off-campus, enter the username & password found on the Database Passwords page.




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