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BC Mock Newbery Club 2019: The Reading List

BC's 2019 Mock Newbery Medal goes to Front Desk by Kelly Yang


The 2019 BCS Mock Newbery Review Site

Share your thoughts on the books you read on the Mock Newbery 2019 google site

Book review guidelines:

  • Find the appropriate page to post your review - go to the Menu icon  on the top left to find the titles
  • Be sure to sign your reviews - add your first name and the first initial of your last name, and grade at the end of your review (ex. Kris H., 5th Grade)
  • Avoid "easy" opinions like "good" or "bad"
  • Be descriptive -  include what you did or did not enjoy about the book
  • Include details to make others interested in reading the book
  • No spoilers, please! Do not give away exciting details
  • Include "The Verdict" - is the book distinguished enough to win a Newbery award or not

Newbery Book Review Examples from Last Year!

Refugee, by Alan Gratz

"I can't describe with words how much I enjoyed this book. It is about three different refugees fleeing from different places for different reasons at different times. The plot is amazingly fluid, the author moves between characters at exactly the right time, the ending blew my mind, and the characters are so interesting. It is a novel, but it is still set in real time periods with real historical situations. Now, my opinion. Have you read the last part? This book was incredible. It managed to be distinguished, thrilling, fun, and suspenseful. I would recommend this to anybody and everybody and it is very distinguished." - Avi R., 7th grade.

See You in the Cosmos, by Jack Cheng

"See you in the cosmos was a very good book. It is about  a boy named Alex  who is 11. Each chapter is a recording filmed on his i pod.  This book was very creative and exiting and once you start reading it, you just really want to know what happens next." -Noah K.

Forget Me Not, by Ellie Terry

"This book is a love story in the raw. It is about a girl who's mom is dating, breaking up and moving. It is sad at some times but is definitely  a Newbery contender. I love the plot and the characters are very real."  - Micah W., 4th Grade

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Guest Visitor Laura Lutz!

Guest Visitor Laura Lutz!

We were very fortunate to have school librarian Laura Lutz stop in to visit the library's Mock Newbery Elective! Ms. Lutz talked about her experiences being on the actual Newbery Committee in 2017. Our students had a great time listening to her stories, and asking questions about the fascinating nomination & election process.

The 7 Finalists

Be Prepared

Betty Before X

Escape from Aleppo

Front Desk

Harbor Me

The Night Diary


2019 Contenders: The Reading List for grades 4-8

Below are the contenders for the 2019 BCS Mock Newbery award.