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BC Mock Newbery Club 2015: The Reading List

Meeting Schedule Grades 5th/6th & 7th/8th

October 7th (5th/6th)  &  October 9th (7th/8th) - Intro

October 17th (Fri.) - Discussion of criteria

October 24th (Fri.) - Discussion 

November 7th (Fri.) - Narrowing it down 

November 18th (Tues.) - Nominating 

December 5th (Fri.) - Discussion of finalists 

December 12th (Fri.) - Discussion of finalists  

January 9th (Fri.) - Discussion of finalists  

January 23rd (Fri. Day 4) - Discussion of the finalists 

January 30th (Fri., Day 1) - Final Vote

February 2 (Mon.) - Real Newbery Announcement

February 6th (Fri., Day 6) - Last meeting - party to celebrate!


BCS Mock Newbery Site 2015

Share your thoughts on the books you read here:

Mock Newbery 2015

Book review tips:

  • Name your post the title of the book you are reviewing
  • Avoid "easy" opinions like "good" or "bad"
  • Describe what you did or did not enjoy about the book
  • Include details to interest others
  • No spoilers please!

And the winner is....

After an unprecedented runoff vote, the 2015 Berkeley Carroll School Mock Newbery Medal goes to....







2015 BCS Mock Newbery FInalists

2015 Contenders - The Reading List

Here are the contenders for the 2015 BCS Mock Newbery award:

(COMING SOON: The Riverman by Aaron Starmer, Bird by Crystal Chan, & The Greenglass House by Kate Milford. 

The 2015 Newbery Award Winners