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MATH 7 - Math Fair 2020 - Updated Guide!

Make A Search Plan

To begin your research, ask yourself:
  • what you think know about your topic?
  • what you need to know more about?

Brainstorm variations of keywords for your topic:

  • broader terms
  • narrower terms
  • related topics
Examine your search results to find:
  • related articles/topics
  • additional terms to search


Continue to search and revise your search as you learn more about your topic.

Managing & Taking Notes

THE NOTE-TAKING PROCESS > Record your source first > take notes

Practice Paraphrasing

  • use your own words whenever possible
  • use quotation marks for direct quotes 
  • use bullet points
  • write in sentence fragments

Getting Information

  • start with this LibGuide & use a variety of resources (at least 3 sources - not including encyclopedias and dictionaries)
  • evaluate the information you find outside of this guide - only use reliable sources
  • find the best information for your needs

Organizing Information

  • use the graphic organizer provided by your math teacher
  • keep track of your notes' sources - the source for each note should be clearly identified

Citing Your Sources

  • cite your sources as you go
  • use NoodleTools to create your Works Cited page