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Flipster 101 - Digital Magazines

Find everything you need to know about Flipster, BC's digital magazine newsstand.

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FLIPSTER by EBSCO - BC's Online Newsstand


Select any magazine to view in digital format.

To access off-campus, enter the username & password found on the Database Passwords page.




Astronomy ~ The Atlantic ~  Beanz (formerly Kids, Code &  Computer Science) ~  Discover  ~  Faces  ~ MIT Technology Review ~ Muse ~  National Wildlife  ~ National Geographic España ~ Natural History ~ The New York Review of Books ~ New Yorker ‚Äč ~ Newsweek Mexico ~ OYLA Youth Science ~ Science News  ~  Scientific American  ~  Scientific American Mind  ~  Smore Magazine  ~ Sports Illustrated Kids  ~ Time ~  Wacky But True ~ The Week Junior ~ The Week ~ Wired




Getting Started With Flipster

Using Flipster on a computer

1. Go to BC's Flipster Newsstand

2. Enter BC's Flipster User ID and Password.

3. Search for titles, browse Categories, or scroll through the Latest Issues or All Magazines available. When you find a magazine that you want to read, click on the cover to open it.

4. Use the arrows to navigate. If you click on All Issues on the right-hand side, you can search the magazine, look at specific pages, or see back issues.



Using Flipster on a phone or tablet

1. Download the Flipster app for your iOS or Android device.

2. Open the app and select Get Started.

3. Search for the "Berkeley Carroll School". Enter BC's Flipster User ID and Password and select Login.

4. Browse the list of magazines, search for a specific magazine or choose from the list of Categories. When you find a magazine that you want to read, tap on the cover to open the detail page.

5. Select download to download the current issue. To download a back issue, use the download icon to the right of the date for that issue.

6. After downloading, the title will appear under My Shelf.

7 Tap the cover to open the magazine. Swipe your finger left or right to flip through the pages.

8. Tap the icon in the upper right-hand corner to see the table of contents with links to every article.

9. Tap My Shelf to return to your library of magazines in the app.