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U.S. Election and Voting Guide 2020

What is Election day?

"Election Day is the day legally established to select public officials in the United States. General elections for federal offices—President, Vice President, and U.S. Congress—are held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November in even-numbered years. Citizens vote for President and Vice President every four years, Representatives every two years, and Senators every six years; this excludes special elections to fill unexpired terms. State and local elections are often but not always held on the same day as federal elections." (Congressional Research Service

Before and Beyond

Elections are a process that goes well beyond one day. Planning and preparations for Election Day start many months before November 3rd and determining the final vote count will take longer this year for a variety of reasons. (Bipartisan Policy Center)


What's different in 2020

Video on what's different about voting in the middle of a pandemic:


"We’re getting close to November 3rd: Election Day. But be prepared – things will be different this November. Why? We have three reasons." - Bipartisan Policy 

  1. Be ready to go to bed without knowing the final results.
  2. Voting in person will be a different experience.
  3. Voting by mail will be huge.