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eBooks 101 - Help Guide: Sora (OverDrive) - Ebooks & Audiobooks



Great Books in Sora

What are OverDrive & Sora?

OverDrive is a digital library where you can borrow eBooks and audiobooks anytime and anywhere. Many schools and public libraries have OverDrive collections but each is different because every library selects the titles they want for their users. The Sora app was designed specifically for students. It's easy to use and one tap gets you inside a book. You can highlight text and take and export your notes. Your librarian can assign titles directly to you. 

All you need to borrow digital content from BC's OverDrive collection is your BC library card (User ID and Password). 

Need more help? Check out the Quick Tips below or go to the Sora Help page.



to your Sora account.

Assigned books are listed on Home tab under "Assignments."

You'll also see assignments on shelf tab> Loans along with the books you borrowed.

 Sora allows for multiple ways to discover books. In addition to searching for specific books, authors, or subjects using the Search Bar at the top of the homepage, you can also browse by subjects (scroll down the homepage) or collections.

The easiest way to find a book you're looking for on Sora is by using the "Search" button at the top of the Sora webpage.

In order to be sure you're only looking for eBooks that are currently available, you can use the "Advanced Search" function and select "Available Books" before you hit "Search."

Ways to use Sora in your teaching practice:

  • Browse BC's collections to see what's new 
  • Browse HVLA's collections which includes magazines
  • Recommend ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines to your students

Collaborate with your librarian to:

  • Request a collection to support independent reading
  • Consider a title assignment for individual students to provide digital access to a class book 
  • Request an audiobook to support an individual student
  • Request books for professional development and reading for pleasure
  • Publish student writing

Useful Library Links






   Search library databases

 Find passwords to access databases outside of school

Sora Overview

Getting Started: Step-by-step

Step 1: Download the app or go to Sora in your browser


Step 2: Go to the Berkeley Carroll School collection

  • Select the "Find My School" button.


  • If you don't see "Berkeley Carroll School", click on the text that reads "My School Isn't Listed"


  • Type in Berkeley Carroll, and select the "This is my school" option when it appears.

Step 3: Sign in to the Berkeley Carroll School collection with your Sora (OverDrive) username & password

Find your username and password on the Berkeley Carroll Database Passwords page (scroll down the page to find Sora in the Online & Print Library Collections section).


You're logged in and ready to explore BC's Ebook & Audiobook collections in Sora! 




See the additional boxes on this page to learn how to find books and use some of the many features Sora offers.

How to add a library

You can use Sora to browse your library and borrow books with your library card.

Note: The type of account you have may limit the library books you see in Sora.

To add your library:

  1. Click or tap menu icon.
  2. Select Add library.
  3. Use the search box and enter "Hudson Valley Library Association", then select This is my school.
  4. Sign in with your BC library credentials. Find your username and password on the Berkeley Carroll Database Passwords page (scroll down the page to find Sora in the Online & Print Library Collections section).​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​The library will open in the Explore tab.

To switch between libraries, select a library from the menu or from the drop-down at the top of the Explore tab.


How To Read & Return Books on Sora

In order to read books on Sora, you can "check them out" virtually. When you select "Borrow" for a book you'd like to read, it goes to your virtual Bookshelf.

When you're finished with a book, you can return it before the due date.

How to return a book:

  1. Go to your Bookshelf by tapping "Shelf" on the bottom toolbar
  2. Tap on the book cover
  3. Select "Return   >"  and then "Return"



More tips for using Sora - OverDrive

When you open a book you've checked out in Sora, explore "Tips & Secrets" for how to best make use of the platform. There, you'll find information on how to highlight passages to come back to later, use your keyboard rather than your mouse to navigate through the pages of an eBook when reading, and "bookmarking" where you've left off when you want to take a break from reading. You can find the "Tips & Secrets" section by opening an eBook you've borrowed, clicking the "hamburger" menu, and scrolling down.


Want more help? Go to Sora Help.