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Digital Essentials Choice Board

Typing Practice

Below are approved typing activities that should work on any device. Challenge yourself by aiming for speed AND accuracy. Use proper finger placement & don't "hunt & peck" for the keys!

BC Typing Programs: 

  • 5th Graders - Work through a week on Keyboarding Without Tears! Remember, your login info is posted in your Digital Essentials Google Classroom
  • 6th Graders - Practice typing in Typing Agent - challenge yourself to raise your WPM! Click Sign in with Google & log in with your BC email address
  • 7th & 8th Graders - If you are interested in getting a Typing Agent account, email Ms. Aronofsky & she can set one up for you

Typing Tests & Practice:

Typing Activities:

Typing Trivia:

Typing Extra Knowledge & Fun!