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Digital Essentials Choice Board

Just For Fun!


Image: "World map" Wikimedia Commons, 31 May 2010.




Play the Author Name Game:


  1. Go to THIS LINK on the Teaching Books website (or click the image below)
  2. Read and say these authors' names aloud. You can even try it with a partner!
  3. Now listen to the author say their own name. Say it aloud again.
  4. Think about and share what you learned with someone.

Play Concentration with Book Covers, or Book Covers & Their Authors:
Here are a few we've set up for you:
OR follow the instructions below to customize your own game!


  1. Go to this link (read instructions below if you are confused about how to set up the game!)
  2. Select which type of Concentration you want to play (match book cover images, or match covers & authors)
  3. Select how many cards you want to play with
  4. Select the types of books you want to play with 
  5. Click "Select Books & Play"

Then you'll be taken to a Concentration game screen (example shown below) --> begin testing your memory!

Create Word Searches with words from your favorite books:
Below are a few we've started for you, and instructions showing you how to create your own:
  1. Select which words you want people to search for
  2. Select which direction you want the words to appear in
  3. Click "Create Word Search"

Links to Word Searches we've started for you! (instructions in the picture above on how to finish creating them)

You can also search for any book at this link, and then Click "Play Word Search" under the book's title!

Below are a few book cover jigsaw puzzles you can set up & play right away, and instructions showing you how to create your own:

To Set Up Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle:
Search for any book title using this link, and click on the correct book from the search results

Click "Play Book Cover Jigsaw" under the book cover