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Digital Essentials Choice Board

Write a Book Review

Did you love the latest book you read? 

                      Write a book review to share what you enjoyed about it and recommend it to other readers!  

Book Review Tips

How to approach writing your review

Write about a book that you truly enjoyed, a book that had a big impact on you - made you think about, feel or see the world differently. 

The Basics

Include the title and the author's name. Briefly describe what the book is about. No need to summarize the whole plot.

Your Connection

Get personal. Express what the book means to you. Why did you choose it? What did you relate to, think about, feel when you were reading it? What did you take away? What connections did it make with your life? If it made you see the world differently, describe how.


What To Do

Aim to write 3-10 sentences but something shorter or longer is fine too. Share your finished review with your librarians who will provide feedback.  If you'd like to share your review with a wider audience, we will publish your review on our Libraries' Instagram to share with the greater BC community.