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Digital Essentials Choice Board

Art & Creativity

Google Arts & Culture Games & Activities:

Quick, Draw! Game ---> Add your own drawings to the world’s largest doodling data set, shared publicly to help with machine learning research (very cool). Or, just explore the 50 million different categorized sketches submitted by artists worldwide!

Test Your Color Theory Skills ---> with this Color Theory matching game!!

Do you have a good eye for letters? Practice an important graphic design skill called 'kerning'! Play the game --> 'Kern This' where you adjust letters to the proper spacing & get scored on your accuracy. 

Tate Kids Museum (located in London) Art & Quizzes site:
(Click below for some favorites, but explore the whole quiz site - it's super cool!)

A special thank you to Ms. Giandalia for helping us find many of these amazing art resources!

Explore these websites & apps that let you create different forms of digital art. They should all work on both iPad & Chromebook!


  • Abstract Painting
  • Animation
  • Color Theory
    • Coolors - create your own color palette!
  • Graphic Design
    • vectr.comFree graphic design editor & creation site. Use the six basic tools, and add layers to design your own logo or graphic. Take a screenshot to save your design.
    • - Sign in with your BC email address to start using Canva. Pick from a template, or create your own from scratch to design a flyer, poster, social media post & more!
    • The Bezier Game - a simple game to improve your digital pen tool skill
  • Photo Editing & Design 
    • -  A basic version of Photoshop. Use editing tools to change, or enhance images.
  • Sketching & Drawing
    • Pixel Art - Create retro pixel art, like the graphics of old video games!
    • - A digital art tool to create, export, and share paintings and drawings

Apps (for iPad):

  • Brushes Redux - (in Self Service for 5th grade) - Copy what a physical paintbrush can do in digital art form
  • Sketches - (in Self Service for 5th & 6th grade) - Everything needed for a digital artist's toolbox!
  • Stop Motion - (in Self Service for 5th & 6th grade) - This app makes stop motion movie making really easy - make a live action or art film!
  • Google Arts & Culture (in Self Service for 5th & 6th grade) - View & interact with high-resolution images and videos of artworks and cultural artifacts from so many cultural organizations

Apps (for Chromebook):

  • 8bit Painter(in the Play Store for 7th & 8th grade) - A simple pixel art drawing app
  • ArtFlow Paint Draw Sketchbook - (in the Play Store for 7th & 8th Grade) - a basic sketching & painting app
  • PicCollage -  (in the Play Store for 7th & 8th grade) Make collages from your pictures, or basic flyers/posters
  • Stop Motion Studio (in the Play Store for 7th & 8th grade) - This app makes stop motion movie making really easy - make a live action or art film!

Explore some of these virtual museum exhibits & galleries! Some are local, and some are far - one joy of digital exploring is that you can travel the world from your device & see artistic masterpieces



(Pssst.... Bonus - not art, but check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Otter Live Cam!)

Image: mdbeckwith. "Natural History Museum HDR." Wikimedia Commons, 18 September 2013.

These may not be digital art books, but you can still become inspired by these amazing craft & art eBooks - All available on Sora (click on the book title to go straight to the book's Sora page):

Art & Creativity Extra Knowledge & Fun!