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First-Generation Affinity Group: CultureGrams Database

CultureGrams Database

Access CultureGrams From Home

Access CultureGrams from home:

Navigate to our Database Passwords page, and type in the login credentials (username & password) for Proquest

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 Find passwords to access databases outside of school

Finding Cultural Information By Country or Region

1. From the database home page, click on the World Edition box

2. Select a "region" or "country" from the dropdown menu

3. Once you're in a country or region page, locate specific information on the left-hand side menu, such as climate, population, or popular customs

More Fun Tips On Using CultureGrams

Start from the World Edition box

Read Interviews with people from different countries!

Search Tip: The interviews are arranged by country. For example, click on "P" to read interviews with people from Pakistan.

Find lists of famous people by country of origin

Start from the World Edition home screen, and navigate to the "Famous People" tab. 

View graphs, or tables with specific data by country: such as statistics on population, transportation, or education.

Tip: You can even make your own customized table of data comparing statistics from different countries! From the left-hand menu, click on "Build-Your-Own."