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8th Grade Science Research: Finding Background Information - Search Databases & Selected Resources

Getting Started - Finding Background Information

Reading background information to learn about your topic is the first step to gaining an understanding of your topic, learning new vocabulary, brainstorming search terms, and to ultimately forming a working research question.

Useful Library Links






   Search library databases

 Find passwords to access databases outside of school

START Your Research Searching Science Databases for Background Information

GALE Power Search

Climate Change Action Project - Selected Resources

Fast Plant Research - Selected Resources

Define the following key terms and concepts:

Phenology, Phenophases, Phenological Mismatch & Climate Change

Find a working definition of phenological mismatch in the following New York Times article:



Expand your knowledge of Phenology and Phenophases by reading this article and watching the video (see below) created and published by Budburst, a project of the Chicago Botanic Garden posted below.  (Found with a Google Search keywords: "climate change definition of terms plant related phenophases")