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*Middle School Library: Past Activities 2018-2019

What's Happening In The Middle School Library?

Hello Middle Schoolers! This is a LibGuide to keep you up to date on what's happening in the Middle School Library.

We'll share current break activities, special craft projects, and book displays and also upload our monthly "What Should I Read Next?" slide show with book recommendationsBrowse this page to see what's new and come visit us to do an activity or check out a book! 

Programming Poll!

What are you interested in seeing or doing in the MS Library?
Craft projects: 23 votes (25.56%)
Writing projects: 6 votes (6.67%)
Book reviewing: 8 votes (8.89%)
Book displays: 5 votes (5.56%)
Silent Reading: 6 votes (6.67%)
Student-led activities: 23 votes (25.56%)
More Games: 16 votes (17.78%)
Other things!: 3 votes (3.33%)
Total Votes: 90

Activities to Try at Home

Year-Round Activities in the Library!

Word and Number Games!

We offer a variety of revolving games and puzzles in the Middle School Library - including crosswords, word searches, and math puzzles. These are always available to work on, whether alone or in a group!


We offer a supportive environment for students who want to read during breaks. Particularly popular for pleasure reading are books from our graphic novel section! The library is device-free during breaks, but we also offer e-books to check out on our Sora app.


Coloring is definitely a favorite meditative activity for our Middle School library users. We always keep coloring sheets on hand for students to work on during breaks. Bonus! These double as beautiful library decorations!

Games & Puzzles!

We keep several games on hand for break-time! Favorites for all grades include Bananagrams, Appletters, Uno, and Exploding Kittens!


The Middle School Library subscribes to several magazines - perfect for browsing during breaks! Popular titles include Sports Illustrated & Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic, Make, and Sesi!

2019 Book Madness!

In a surprising turn of events, we had a TIE VOTE result for 2019 BC Book Madness! With exactly 64 votes for Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman & 64 votes for Becoming by Michelle Obama, we decided to call it as an official tie! Thank you to everyone who showed their extreme support for the competition, and voted in one or all of the rounds! We can't wait to do it again next March.

Look at the other two tabs on this box to watch the offiicial video pitches for our two final book contenders!


Our Year On Display in the Middle School Library!

African American History Month

While we celebrate African American history in the library all year, we had a display of books up in honor of African American History Month - which takes place in February of every year. The books on display celebrated African American men & women from many different fields & histories, as well as a few of our favorite novels written by African American authors! The library's digital slideshow in February also featured notable African American women in history, with short biographies adapted from several books we have in the library.

Visit the African American History Month government website for more info 

Native American Heritage Month Display

November was also Native American Heritage Month! - a month honored to recognize the significant contributions the first Americans made to the establishment, and growth of the U.S. We displayed several books about Native American history, as well as by and about Native American characters (both fictional, and in history!)

Mock Newbery 2019 Zine

Just before winter break, our Mock Newbery 2019 elective made a zine to celebrate the end of the class! Students worked off of specific books they had read that inspired them, general feelings about reading, and some even created things like word puzzles using the titles of the finalists. A HUGE thank you to 'zinester' Emma Karin Eriksson, who came and gave an introduction to zines, and helped facilitate our zine workshop! 

Sad Books Display

After several student requested sad books, we created a display of books that just might make you tear up! Warning -- read these tearjerkers with a box of tissues nearby!

Winter Reads Display

Our display of Winter Reads - including fiction that takes place during the cold winter months, and also books on winter sports like climbing & skiing - stayed up until spring-like weather hit in February...

Our autumn leaves were replaced by decorative paper snowflakes! Thanks to all of the middle schoolers who cut out these recycled snowflakes during breaktime. While we had some templates available, many students decided to be creative and tried out their own designs!

Mock Newbery Reading List

Now that our 2019 Mock Newbery elective is over, we've released all of the candidate titles into the library! This display featured most of the books that our elective participants read last term. While these titles were not the finalists, many of them were still enthusiastically read and enjoyed by our group of voracious readers!

Valentine's Day Bookmarks

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day in the library, than with bookmarks to color!? We supplied these, along with coloring materials and a selection of colorful valentine's cards for our middle school patrons to enjoy on February 14 <3

'Explore the Unexplained' Book Display

We just got a really fun collection of books in about unexplained phenomena! These include titles about the Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot & the Loch Ness monster, mythical creatures, the Hope Diamond & other cursed objects, Aliens & UFO's, Superstitions, and more. This display was definitely a fun break time group of books to peruse. Maybe we can answer the age-old question -- are they really out there?

Zen Autumn Coloring

We provided zen autumn coloring sheets to our middle school library patrons - the perfect activity for relaxing, and decorating our space! The beautifully colored autumn leaves were taped up in the library. 

And the Winners Are...

The Newbery Award winning titles were officially voted on, and announced (both nationally, and for our library's Mock Newbery elective)!

This year, the winners were:

Newbery Award Winner 2019: Merci Suarez Changes Gears by Meg Medina

Newbery Award Honor Book 2019: The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani

Newbery Award Honor Book 2019: The Book of Boy by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Mock Newbery Award Winner 2019: Front Desk by Kellly Yang 

Mock Newbery Award Honor Book 2019: The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani 

Remember, all of these titles (and the rest of the Mock Newbery reading list!) are available to check out in the BC Middle School Library.

6th Grade Soft Sculpture Exhibit

We were so excited to feature Ms. Carmody's 6th Grade Soft Sculpture exhibit in the library! The soft sculptures range from glue sticks, book covers, lipsticks & more. We all agreed that these sculptures definitely livened up the library.

6th Grade Book Bingo - Rotating Display

The entire 6th grade (in collaboration with the library, and Humanities teachers Mr. Guidry & Ms. Bach) completed in a very exciting Book Bingo Reading Engagement challenge! The challenge asked students to read books selected from 25 different categories, in order to broaden their reading horizons and raise reading engagement. These categories went way beyond the usual genres, and included such things as: a book written by someone under 30, a book with a one-word title, and a book set on a different continent. Our display in the library changed weekly, and offered book suggestions from the different categories. In the picture now - all books with one-word titles! 

Visit the Reading Bingo Libguide for more on the project!

BC Book Madness Contenders

These titles were hard to keep on the shelf (or on display), not only because of their popularity but also because they were our 16 Book Madness contenders! Here's a picture of the BC Book Madness contenders that weren't checked out. These 16 original book contenders were originally sorted into the four categories of: FictionNon-FictionGraphic Novels & Young Adult. Books were taken off of display as they were eliminated after each round of voting.

BC Middle Book Madness

Our 2019 BC Middle Book Madness was a huge success! Here's a photo of our window display (when no bracket winners had been announced yet). Students made their initial winning predictions on a bracket, and then voted per week, eliminating books each round until the "Best Book" was announced in April. In this case, it happened to be two best books -- with Neal Shusterman's Scythe & Michelle Obama's Becoming tying in an even 64 votes, to 64 votes.

Book Madness Bulletin Board

During our March BC Book Madness extravaganza, we kept a bulletin board in the hallway to remind everyone about the challenge! It started with the 16 original contenders (pictured here), which were "x'ed" out with paper after they had been eliminated during each voting round. There was also a sample prediction bracket, and brief introductions to the project. Thanks again to all of the students, and faculty who voted, and participated in the best BC Book Madness yet!

National Poetry Month Display

April was National Poetry Month, and we had some of our favorite poetry books on display (including books of poetry by Nikki Giovanni, Mary Oliver, Shel Silverstein & more!)

About National Poetry Month: "National Poetry Month was inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. Over the years, it has become the largest literary celebration in the world with schools, publishers, libraries, booksellers, and poets celebrating poetry’s vital place in our culture." Nat'l Poetry Month Homepage

Welcome Back to Berkeley Carroll!

Our first bulletin board of the year cheerfully invited students to check out everything the Middle School library has to offer!

Mock Newbery Elective Guest Visitor Laura Lutz!

We were very fortunate to have school librarian Laura Lutz visit the library's Mock Newbery Elective! Ms. Lutz talked about her experiences being on the actual Newbery Committee in 2017. Our students in the elective (grades 5 through 8) had a great time listening to her stories, and asking questions about the fascinating nomination & election process.

Election Day Display

With Election Day on November 6, we displayed books on electoral history - all month! Books included titles about the constitution, voting rights & making a difference through civic participation.

Berkeley Carroll Grateful Tree!

Before Thanksgiving, we asked Berkeley Carroll middle school faculty & students to write (on a leaf) a book, or author that they were grateful for! As you can see, our library users are thankful for quite a lot of books!

'Nonfiction November' Display

We sometimes feel like the nonfiction books in our library are overlooked - so in November we created a display highlighting cool nonfiction titles! It's a great reminder that nonfiction can be anything from science, biographies, history, reference & more!

Game Books Display

Our display of game books (including books on card games, video games, and board games), invited students to learn a new game or activity over winter break! Our Dungeons & Dragons handbooks were a particularly popular browsing choice...

FALL Into a Book!

'Fall' into a book with us this! Our fall bulletin board welcomed all readers into the library to peruse their favorite genres - be it Science Fiction/Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Realistic Fiction or another!

Happy Autumn!

Some of our Middle School library users helped decorate the library for autumn! Thanks to everyone who helped color leaves & other autumnal images, which decorated our windows & bulletin boards!

National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day celebrates coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) or as an ally. This year (on Thursday, October 11, 2018) we celebrate the 30th anniversary of National Coming Out Day!

In the Middle School Library we're celebrating National Coming Out Day all month! The books on display feature LGBTQ characters, or are about LGBTQ events & figures in history.

Scariest Book Display!

Thank you to all of the Middle Schoolers who wrote the title of the scariest book they've ever read! We had some funny answers (like The Front Page of the New York Times) as well as sincere ones - like Coraline by Neil Gaiman! Another thank you to the sixth graders who cut out all of the pumpkins!

Spooky Reads for Halloween

For all of October, we displayed a plethora of spooky reads! The collection contained ghost stories, books on monsters, spooky graphic novels & more! Favorites included the Spooky Stories To Tell in the Dark collections, Neil Gaiman's Coraline, and Raina Telgemeier's Ghosts!

Happy Autumn!

A few of our Middle School library users helped us decorate the library for Autumn! Thanks to everyone who helped color leaves & other autumnal images, and decorated our October-themed bulletin board!

Banned Books Week Book Display

Banned Books Week was held on September 23 – 29. The 2018 theme, “Banning Books Silences Stories,” was a reminder that everyone needs to speak out against the tide of censorship. We celebrated Banned Books Week by featuring a display of books in the library that have been banned or challenged somewhere in the US. Many of them were some of our most popular titles! This helped accentuate the importance of granting the freedom to read for all ages and readers. 

Banned Books Week Bulletin Board

The Middle School library celebrated Banned Books Week (September 23-29) by featuring a few of our most popular titles that have been banned or challenged somewhere in the US. Students were invited to lift the book covers on our bulletin board, in order read the reasons why! 

Latinx Heritage Month

September 15-October 15th is Latinx Heritage Month! We featured books in the library by Latinx authors, featuring Latinx characters, or about Latinx figures in history.

Summer Reading Display

Berkeley Carroll Middle School students, and staff were given the opportunity to show off what books they read this summer. The colorful post-it note display showed an amazing variety of books read by our community of readers! 

What Should I Read Next? Reading Allies Edition!