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*Middle School Library: Activities in the Library 2019-2020

Poll : Activities

What types of D.I.Y. activities are you interested in doing in the library?

Activities Poll
Craft Projects: 0 votes (0%)
Drawing Projects: 0 votes (0%)
Writing Projects: 0 votes (0%)
More Games: 1 votes (100%)
Silent reading: 0 votes (0%)
Book reviewing projects: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 1

How do you choose a book?

Which of these are you most likely to consider in choosing a new book to read?

Choosing a book
Recommendation from a friend: 1 votes (100%)
Library slideshow: 0 votes (0%)
Asking the librarian: 0 votes (0%)
Library book display: 0 votes (0%)
Other: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 1

What's your favorite library game for break or lunch time?

Library Games
Checkers/Chess: 0 votes (0%)
Playing cards: 1 votes (100%)
Magic the Gathering: 0 votes (0%)
Unstable Unicorns: 0 votes (0%)
Apples to Apples: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 1

What's going on in the Middle School Library?

Hello Middle Schoolers! The purpose of this LibGuide is to keep you up to date on what's happening in the Middle School Library. We'll share current break activities, special craft projects, and book displays. We'll also share reading recommendations with our "What Should I Read Next?" slide show.

You'll also find opportunities to share your thoughts on the library's offerings on this page with the polls along the bottom left side of this page. Your opinion matters! We want to know what you think, and we're always open to new ideas. Browse this page to see what's new and come visit us to do an activity or check out a book!

Activities To Try At Home

Break Activities

In October, two students asked if there was a way for the broader library community to join her in participating in "Inktober." The idea was a huge success! Students created drawings surrounding daily themes, which were then displayed within the library.


To celebrate Halloween, students wrote six-word scary stories on Post-It notes and hung them up to scare their peers and librarians.

Our Year On Display

Highlighting scary books for Halloween

Highlighting scary books for Halloween

These books (both fiction and nonfiction) tell stories of "coming out" and what it means to different people in the LGBTQI+ community.

Highlighting new books in the collection as well as Native American "Own Voices" stories for November 

Happy Picture Book Month!

New books to curl up with during these cold weather months

Looking for a biography for the Wax Museum? We've got you covered.

A selection of nonfiction titles highlighting the fact that Black history is American history.