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THEATER 6 - Costume Unit 1900 thru 1940's: 1900s

1900s Fashion

MEN'S FASHION. - A Fashionable Gentleman Of The Early 19th Century. Drawing, American, 1900.. Fine Art. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 16 Nov 2011.

Image Database

The best place to search for images.

Search tip: use keywords "1900s fashion" and "1900s" to find a fascinating selection of images of people, places, events and artifacts.

*Be sure to cite the images you use. Copy the MLA citation on the lower right hand side.

Remote Access

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Pop Culture Universe database

   Begin your research here!

Select "Explore a Decade"

Go to "Introduction to the 1900s" and scroll down to the "Fashion" heading for an overview

Click on the pull down menu next to "Articles" to find:

  • "Men's Fashions in the 1900s"
  • "Women's Fashions in the 1900s"

See "Media & Visuals"

See "Timeline"

Research Tip: Copy the source citation located at the bottom of each article you use

eBook Articles

Men's Fashion

Apparel for Men   American Decades (eBook)

Women's Fashion

American Women's Fashion   American Decades (eBook)

Fashion Overview

The 1900s: Fashion: Overview  American Decades (eBook)

Clothing 1900-18  Fashion, Costume and Culture (eBook)

The 1900s Lifestyles and Social Trends: Topics in the News   UXL American Decades (eBook) Select "A Fashionable Era"

Research Tip: Copy the source citation located at the bottom of each article you use.

Selected websites

Fashion History


  • Hair Archives   See "Victorian Hair" and scroll down to the Gibson Girl section




What was America Like in the 1900's?