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THEATER 6 - Costume Unit 1900 thru 1940's: Research Tips

Cite Your Sources

1. Create a "Works Cited" page and list your sources

2. Cite each eBook you use 

  • copy the source citation at the bottom of the article or
  • copy the information on this LibGuide


3. Cite each website you use 

ex.   1930s Hat Styles.  Fashion-Era.

       Article title              Website          web address

4. Cite each book you use

Fashion Parade

19th May 1949: Four ladies, dressed to the nines, arrive at the London Coliseum for a presentation by the Apparel and Fashion Industry's Association, held during London Fashion Fortnight.

Fashion Parade. HORIZONTAL. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 17 Nov 2011.

How To Cite Your Sources


  1. Go to the end of the article for the citation (MLA format).
  2. Copy and paste the article's citation into a Word document or into a Google Doc.


  1. Title of article
  2. Name of Website
  3. First part of the url address


    BOOKS (print)

    1. Author's name, last name first.
    2. Title of book.
    3. Copyright date.

    Find this information on the front and back of the book's title page. Use Destiny for Library books - search for and then click on the title, scroll down to the section called "Publication Info".