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Scary Books: Home

This guide is full of halloween-appropriate reads that are also great all year round!

Check out these spooky, scary, and haunting reads -- perfect for Halloween or for reading all year round! 

These books are organized by the types of creatures you can find in them. Which ones do you find the scariest?


Check out these books about witches, dark magic, curses, and more!


Check out these books full of shambling hordes of the undead!

Historical haunts

Check out these scary books set in the past!

Ghosts and hauntings

These haunting tales all include ghosts, ghouls, poltergeists, or other spirits!


Can you handle these books full of terrifying monsters?

Scary story collections

Here are some stories that you might hear around a campfire on a dark and scary night!

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Spooky myths, folklore, and legends

These books incorporate myths and folklore, from cultures from all over the world and all time periods.

The Truth Behind the Tales

Check out the scary facts and spooky science in these books!

Dolls, puppets, & other creepy objects

Can you handle these creepy dolls, puppets, and other haunted objects?