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HUMANITIES 5 - Ancient Civilizations: Aztec, China & India: START HERE

Where to start?

Reference sources are a good place to start your research. They include dictionaries, encyclopedias, and databases.

Reference sources contain basic facts and background information. They provide reliable, accurate information, and help to answer general questions about your topic such as:

 ? who, ? what, ? when  & ? where

Research tips:

  • THINK about what you know 
  • PLAN your search - start with broad topic keywords
  • DO 
  • READ
  • REVIEW & REDO - look out for additional search terms

To FInd Database Passwords

Go to the Database Password Page to find the usernames and passwords to access BCS encyclopedias, databases and eBooks outside of school. 


Search for your topic in the encyclopedias listed below.


Search tip Contains three levels. Start your learning at the Elementary level - read levels 1, 2 & 3.





Search tip: Searches three different encyclopedias: The New Book of Knowledge, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia & Lands and People.

To begin, select an article on your topic to read from The New Book of Knowledge and compare with the other sources. 



World Book

Search tip: Search World Book Student + Kids

Brain Pop

Search tip: Enter your topic into the search box or search by subject.  

ABC-CLIO database

Find factual information on the Aztec civilization, the Indus Valley civilization and Shang China.