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HUM 5 - Ancient Egypt: Cities and Towns


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Ancient Egypt - Image Courtesy of Britannica Image Quest

Egyptian civilization - Luxor, Karnak, Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens.

Map of ancient Thebes at the time of Ramses II. Illustration.

Luxor - Courtesy of Britannica Image Quest

Luxor'. River Nile in the foreground and ruins of the ancient Egyptian city in the background. Watercolour by Hector Horeau (1801-1872).

City of Tombs - Courtesy of Britannica Image Quest

City of tombs looking towards Sakkara and Cairo, 1863. Charles Vacher (1818-1883), British artist. 

Cities & City-States: General Information

Uncovering Egyptian Cities: Archaelogy

"Memphis, Egypt" (CLASSROOM VIDEO)

Other Ancient Egyptian Cities

Click through to BRITANNICA to read about these other ancient Egyptian cities:

General Map of ThebesImage Courtesy of Britannica Image Quest

Deep Dive Into Memphis

Memphis was the capital of Egypt and therefore the residence of kings during the Predynastic Period and Old Kingdom. Its location was just south of the place where the Nile spreads to form the Delta, approximately fifteen miles south of what is now Cairo.

-Excerpt from The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt

Tour An Ancient City