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HUM 5: African Country Research Project: Home

How To Use This Guide

Use the resources in this LibGuide to find reliable, accurate information about the African country you are researching.

Begin learning about the country you are researching by searching for its homepage in the Kids Edition of CultureGrams.  Start by reading through the topic articles listed on the left side of the page.   

Useful Library Links




Search library databases & find research help


Find passwords to access databases outside of school. 

CultureGrams Database

CIA World Factbook

Encyclopedias - MS

Search for your topic in the encyclopedias listed below. Use important keywords for best results.

Go to the Database Passwords page  to access online resources outside of school or ask your librarian for help. 


Search tip:  Start your search in the Elementary level 1. Go to levels 2 (Middle) & 3 as needed.


Search tip: Start your search in Kids and then search World Book Student for more detailed information. 


Political Map of Africa - CIA World Factbook