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HUM 7 - Independent Reading 2020: Akwaeke Emezi


Pronouns: They/Them
Originally from: Born in Umuahia and raised in Aba, Nigeria
Fun fact: In addition to being a writer, Akwaeke Emezi is also a video artist

Book from Sora

On Belonging

“I only belong in places I create. And that has been, I think, the most important thing I’ve learned in my brief life so far, is that I can make worlds. That’s literally my job is to make worlds. I can make them for myself, I can make them for other people, I can put them in books. So instead of searching for other people to give me a place to belong I just bent one into existence myself.”


  • The Otherwise Award (formerly the Tiptree Award)
  • Ilube Nommo Award
  • Commonwealth Short Story Prize for Africa
  • Stonewall Book Award