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Middle School Digital Wellness Guide

Welcome to the Digital Wellness Libguide!

On this Libguide we have resources for:

  • Reflecting on your digital wellness priorities
  • Learning about how our digital practices impact our personal wellbeing including: friendship, mental health, & other goals (like succeeding in school!)
  • Developing a Digital Wellness Wheel to align habits & goals, and realize how many sectors of our life are affected by our digital habits

This Libguide is adapted from Penn State University Libraries Digital Wellness Workshop Libguide

Chisholm, A., & Hartman-Caverly, S. (2020). Digital Wellness workshop.  ACRL Framework for Information Literacy Sandbox.

Digital Wellness Reflections

Visit each station and feel free to answer the prompts - 7th & 8th Graders have started us off!

  • What does digital wellness mean to you?
  • Identify some barriers you feel to maintaining digital wellness goals
  • List a few HEALTHY TECH HABITS you already practice, or would like to practice:

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