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8th Grade Science Research: How To Read A Scholarly Article

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Reading The Abstract

An abstract is a brief summary of and a point-of-entry into an academic paper. Abstracts are often written by the author or authors of the article. Publishers make abstracts freely available even when the article is not. 

The abstract provides a concise summary of the research, including its:

  • purpose,
  • research methods
  • significant results 
  • implications or main conclusions of the results 


Reading the abstract can be a good way to determine whether an article is relevant for your research needs. The abstract appears on the first page of the journal article, and may or may not be labeled. As a general rule, you only will find abstracts on papers of five or more pages in length. 


What is Peer Review?

How do articles get peer reviewed? What role does peer review play in scholarly research and publication?

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Published April 2014 NCSU Libraries - Credits