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7th Grade Science Research: Citizen Science - Satellite Research

Getting Started - Finding Background Information

Reading background information to learn about your topic is the first step to gaining an understanding of your topic, learning new vocabulary, brainstorming search terms, and to ultimately forming a working research question.

Useful Library Links






   Search library databases

 Find passwords to access databases outside of school



Finding the correct link to save for a database article that you need to return to can be tricky. To make it more complicated, it's different for each database. Copying the URL from the address bar does not always work.

Use these instructions to help you find the permalink for each database article you need to save and return to for your research and citations.

Citizen Science Topics

FIND AN OVERVIEW: Search for your topic in the following databases:

FIND AN OVERVIEW: Search for your topic in the following databases:

FIND AN OVERVIEW: Search for your topic in the following databases:

FIND AN OVERVIEW: Search for your topic in the following databases:

Databases for 7th Grade Science Research - Best Bets

The New York Times - Get full digital access both in & outside of school

 Articles from 1851-1980 can be accessed through the archive search. Search historical issues & primary sources through the Times Machine which has over 150 years of  NY Times journalism in its original newspaper format starting with Volume 1, Number 1 in 1851 through 2002! Go to The New York Times online guide for more in depth information.

In school, here's how to claim your pass for full digital access to The New York Times:

  1. When you are on campus, visit
  2. Create an account using your BC email address
  3. When you see "START YOUR ACCESS" and an expiration date (one year from the day you sign up), you are all set!
  4. Set a calendar reminder to renew for next year so you have no lag in your subscription.
  5. Go to and enjoy your full access from any location! 


Visit Create a free account using your school email address with the approved domain(s).  If you already have a account associated with such email address, log in with those credentials.
Check your email inbox for our confirmation message.  Click on the link in your confirmation message to validate your email address and claim your Pass.  If the confirmation email didn’t arrive, check your spam folder. If it isn’t there, send an email to from your school email address to request confirmation.
You have successfully claimed a Pass when you see the Start Your Access screen.  Now you can enjoy access to, and NYT mobile apps from any location, on or off campus, just by logging into your account. You may download NYTimes mobile apps at
HINT: Remain logged into your account to have seamless access to and our mobile apps for the duration of your Pass. Visit to view your Pass expiration timestamp at any time.
To claim a new Pass after expiration: visit and log in with your account associated with your school email address.