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READING - 6th Grade Book Bingo 2020

About 6th Grade Reading Bingo

6th-grade Humanities teachers Ms. Bach, and Mr. Guidry have teamed up with the Middle School Library to put on Reading Bingo. This project aims to expand reading horizons, and get everyone to finish a few books that they might otherwise not think to read.

To kick off Reading Bingo, the library hosted a "Book Tasting" - offering students a chance to sample books from several of the Bingo categories - and ideally check one out! After a student completes a book, they'll log the title and author, and put their Bingo piece up on the board. After spring break, we'll collect and make public a list of all the titles students read for Bingo!

Useful Library Links






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This is the Bingo board that is hanging in Ms. Bach's & Mr. Guidry's classrooms. Each student also has a handout of this board, so they can reference it whenever they'd like. 

Click on each box (or navigate the links on the left side of this guide) to see reading suggestions for books in each category!

Can you think of a book that isn't on the guide, but that fits one of the categories? Let us know! We'll add it to our list.

Check out BC's Sora Ebook Collection

Many of the titles featured on this guide are available as eBooks that you can borrow anytime, anywhere. Find them in Sora!

Go to the  Sora help guide to get started borrowing eBooks and audiobooks from BC's OverDrive collection and to learn how to get the most out of your reading experience.